And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison...

With GOG / MAGOG, German performance label internil, Israeli artist Moran Sanderovich and Berlin venue Theaterdiscounter are conducting an apocalyptic disinformation campaign in 4 stages. Our backpacks hold classic instruction manuals providing orientation in disaster: Torah, Bible, Quran and the new Bundeswehr White Paper. Between storytelling of old and total connectivity, between masks of flesh and glaring avatars we take it upon themselves to lose the battle at the truth frontier for good – and beautifully.


Oh, we remember home. The landscape! The sky! How beautiful it was. How well we were doing. How we feared for it, and how much it scared us. Now all is gone. We made ourselves comfortable in time after our time. The ruins have been cleaned. The hopes have been conserved. We are believing with our bones, hair and skin. Our common past is as true as it gets. Come, let‘s remember it together.

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The campaign

Crises are the fires that spark and nourish invocations of the Last Days in the communicative spaces of the world wide web. On each stage of our voyage through the internet‘s fact battles, we pitch camp at another fireplace and praise the surrounding debris of reality:

  • 1: Ukraine (Jan 2017)

    After years of NATO expansion, cold war oppositions renew and tear the largest European country apart. In the turmoil of virtual forensics, war-enthusiastic mercenary bands, orthodox schisms, economic hit gangs and international troll commandos there is dire need of mobilizing stories – whatever the cost.

  • 2: Syria (Jun 2017)

    Amidst the deadly clutter of a civil war gone global, the remaining apocalypticists of the Islamic State prepare themselves for the one battle near the small town of Dabiq that marks the beginning of Armageddon. At the same time, millions of refugees flee the battlefield their home has become.

  • 3: Israel (Dec 2017)

    Like a laboratory of a fatalistic futurology, the Holy Land has been cultivating the state of emergency as a way of living for decades. In the flickering frictional heat of privatized knife terror and advanced cyber warfare we can see the hazy images of the downfall of Western Democracy.

  • 4: Europe (May 2018)

    At last, a leap in narrated time redeploys us to our own posterity. In the smoldering ruins of Europe, the last members of the good old tribes gather and reconstruct the history of their collective demise – the story of the returning of Gog and Magog.


By and with: Najib Abidi (Performance), Christopher Hotti Böhm (Multimedia), Hori Izhaki (Performance), Brandon Miller (Songs), Marina Dessau (Performance), Juri Rendler (Light), Moran Sanderovich (Artistic Design), Arne Vogelgesang (Performance/3D), Robert Wolf (Technical Lead/Light).

Kerstin Böttcher (Public Relation), Nils Bröer (Photography), ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro (Production), Nora Gores (Press), Manuel Kinzer (VideoDoc), Jules Marfaing (Assistance), Patrick Mikulski (Assistance/VideoDoc), Christin Striegler (Graphic Design), Johanna Werheid (Assistance).

A production by internil in cooperation with Theaterdiscounter Berlin. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation/Doppelpass Fund and through Kofinanzierungsfonds des Regierenden Bürgermeisters von Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.

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Shows Part 4: May 12-20 2018.
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